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 Also, got a new journal. 

I've been wanting a new username for a long time but I didn't want to pay for the token. And it's nice to have a clean slate. New name: fear_the_duckie. XD Since both my high school and college mascots are ducks. 

I'm going to friend everyone again. You can friend me back, you don't have to, it's cool. 

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 Happy Wednesday! 

Halloween was awesome. GO DUCKS!!! #1!! Kickass game. It was my first college game and I now totally believe that our stadium is the loudest in the country. So amazing. I'll post pictures when I get them on facebook...baby steps, I've been kind of lazy lately. 

Last night, instead of doing my homework, I watched American History X. I was totally not expecting it to be 1, that good and 2, for me to feel so much sympathy for the main characters. It was always described as like a horrifying portrayal of American Nazis but I'll admit I cried at the end. I also got a twitter so I can stalk Eli Roth.

I guess that's all for now. I've got to go pick my classes for next term. and plan a trip to Europe


 صبا اكخير! ازيك

I just spent like an hour figuring out how to do that. But at least I know how now! Yay!

So, another update in a year, that's impressive. I should be writing one of my International Studies essays or practicing Arabic more productively, but I vowed to actually update this thing so here I am. 

Weekend was very good. Friday, I sat around and watched the Office. When my roommate got back we watched Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I also discovered this thing called Stumble Upon, which is very addictive. You basically go on and it sends you to random websites. Virginia says she's lost days to Stumbling. 

Saturday I went shopping. Oh god, I went shopping. It was fun but I probably shouldn't have, since I have no source of income right now. Whatever, I got some good stuff. After more Office, we went Ghosthunting! Super fun. Basically, we just ran around in the graveyard on campus and talked to some real ghost hunters who are allegedly getting their own show or something. Afterwards, we thought it would be fun to watch Supernatural, to stay in the mood. We were on Bloody Mary, the scariest episode. And Claire had just seen Paranormal Activity that afternoon, so she really freaked herself out. And the dorms were practically empty because everyone was in Seattle for the game. Needless to say, she slept on our floor that night. 

Sunday was kind of boring. Did homework, picked out Halloween costumes. I'm being a pumpkin. I just have a jack o'lantern t-shirt and a hat I'm going to wear. We're having hall trick or treating tomorrow night. XD We so cool. 

Alright, now I'm really going to do homework. But be proud of me for posting anything, haha.! ممتازة


 Well, I vanished for a very long time. 

RL will kind of do that to you...

Long story short, I graduated from high school, (yay!) and now I'm a freshman at the University of Oregon! Go Ducks! (Still!) University of Washington waitlisted me, so I decided to screw them and go to UO. So far, I'm very happy with the decision. 

I am seriously loving it here. Yes it's three thousand miles away from home, but that's what makes it great. My roommate is awesome and I think I've got a bit of a crush on a guy in my Arabic class...very cool. XD

I'm not sure how regular I'm going to be posting and stuff, because I doubt anyone actually reads this anymore. But I sort of have more time on my hands because I'm only taking three classes and I'm going to try to get back into writing. Probably no multi-chapter stories and I think I'm going to take the couple I have up down, but I've got a couple good one-shots I can post. 

Whatevs, just wanted to check in. 


I have done it.

I am completely done with my college applications. All I have to do is address the envelops and put them into guidence.

You have NO IDEA how good this feels.

Though it's kind of sad because now I can't wear my University of Washington sweatshirt until I get in. DX Blah and it's so warm!!!

So now all I have to do is wait...until those little envelops start coming in the mail.

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So, I went to see Twilight today.

I know people are going to disagree with me but I really liked it.

Maybe because I went in with absolutely less than zero expectations. Judging by the way they were advertising it and the current new fanbase (who irritate me to no end) I thought it was going to be all goth and dramatic.

But it was funny. It was...in a word (that i will be criticized for using.) normal. It reminded me of the way I felt when I was first reading the books, before all this hype and obsession. Because people have been getting really insane about it lately which has been driving me crazy. And it's not that I'm not glad people are enjoying the book. I'm just turned off by the way they are doing so. Like when I went to the Breaking Dawn release party and everyone was dressed as like goth vampires it was kinda freakin me out. Like I always read the books as a romance story about people who happened to be vampires. The big thing I liked about it was how normal all the vampires were. I had an image in my mind as I started reading of these emo characters who were brooding and mysterious and right after she almost gets hit by the car, all of that went away. The characters were fun.

I've just been so turned off lately, that I'm really glad it's back to normal. But I don't think I'm going to discuss it with anyone else (besides Jeannine and Erin) for a while. (And maybe Kathryn.) I just don't want to be brought down by their negativity or...wierdness. (I can't think of any other way to say it.) Please don't hate me for this post, it's just my opinion. Like it or not. I don't care.

In other news, Jeannine is owed a round of applause for the play! She was AMAZING! **hugs for the JeanBean** XP

In FINAL news (I swear) I got a new phone! Yay! First time in like five years. I have to pay for it myself but at least it's not nextel and I can finally text!!! YAY!!!

One More Thing...

I almost didn't write about this. I almost let it slide because I was too afraid that people would hate me. But then I decided that it was too important to not write about and that if someone hated me for this then I will promptly take them off my friends list because they have no right to hate me and I just don't care if they do.

Barack Obama, on January 20, will become our president.

I am insanely happy.

I did a lot of research for school and I can honestly say that I supported him (not voted though...don't turn 18 until February) because he was the right man for the job and not just because my parents are very solidly democrat. I honestly think that this was something our country really needed. I honestly hope that in a year or two I'll still be saying this but I'm not naive. Obama might not have been the right guy for the job and he was just able to spin a really promising campaign. I acknoledge this. But I really hope it's not the case. If he does even half of the things he says he will, I'll be happy. I understand as well that change is slow and much of the next year will probably look the same as the last one but I really think that we may actually be heading in a good direction. The international response is surely evident of that. The United States has been under such harsh criticisms in the last eight years though I might only be more aware of it since my social justice topic has to do with our international image in light of the Bush administration's decisions. I read an article in Reader's Digest a few weeks ago that polled other countries about who they would vote for, if they could vote. The response was overwhelmingly for Obama. And on the news the night after, they were showing the huge celebrations in London, Paris, Dublin. (Of course none as large as the one in Chicago.) And they were interviewing people on the streets in Kenya and an area of Palestine that they didn't specify that were really happy about the results. I think this happiness is going to help America's image. Hopefully we will be able to deserve a positive image in the next few years...(I smell an advocacy letter coming on!!! XP)

So, there's my piece on this insanely historic election. I'm really glad to have been an observer in all of this. It will be nice to say something, that I watched the first african american president be elected president. We're keeping the Patriot Ledger from the day after, but my mom really wanted the New York Times one. I told her to buy it on ebay.

I'm sorry if some people are upset by this but I've been considerably less vocal in my support for Obama because of fears of people not liking me, and I sincerely regret that. I wish I could have gotten over that enough to at least have worn my button on election day. I'm sorry if you hate me, but I just don't care because you shouldn't hate someone for making a different decision than you. Everyone is different. So no hating. This blog has officially become a no hate zone.


PS: I'm thinking of getting a new journal, because I want a new username. What do you guys think? I'd transfer all my entries and friends and stuff but I really don't like my username anymore. Any suggestions?

Woot, Free Period

So, I'm being a terrible person and updating LJ instead of doing the work I'm sure I have. But hey, I have an entire hour free. Yay!

Not too much has been going on that's interesting. I started doing NaNoWriMo but I'm not sure if I'll finish it or not. To be honest, I'm not trying to terribly hard. I just have so much other crap going on that I can barely focus enough to write when I do have free time. And usually when I have time to write I'm writing college applications. I'm almost done with them though! I just have to write...all the essays.


I wish I had been better with updating livejournal recently. I remember how good I was last year when I was all concerned with remembering everything after I go away to college. The other Tuesday (yes, random Tuesday) I went out to see High School Musical 3. (To date the only one I've actually seen.) I was actually quite depressing. They were at the end of their senior year, which was nice since now we know what to look forward to in terms of stress but it dealt with the whole 'I'm leaving' thing, which was hard. Since I'm looking at colleges so far away, I know that I'm going to have to say goodbye to absolutely everyone. Which is another reason I have to get better with updating livejournal. How are people supposed to know what I'm doing when I'm all the way in Washington?

Another thing I want to do before I leave for college is collect all my favorite pictures off facebook and print them out in real pictures at CVS then put them in an album or something. I know it sounds cheesy but it will make me feel better. XD

There are random moments nowadays when I actually feel like a senior. (And I'm not talking about those 'Ah freshman, I am more powerful than you' moments.) They usually occur after I've actually completed something, especially to do with college apps. I actually have moments of...gasp...high self esteem!!! I know!!! Crazy!

Hehe, I'm watching everyone run the mile. That's a reason I'm really glad I did cross-country. I'm actually fit though I have to take care to keep it that way now that XC has ended. I've been going to the Y which is fun. Since it's fairly close to my house, I can walk or ride my bike. Fun times...

Well, I'm going to stop my bored ramblings because it's lunchtime and I am hungry. XD

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I don't know what it is, but today turned around really fast.

I started out having a completely crappy day. (No thanks to that asshole TOM) But now, I'm feeling so much better. And not just about the day, but about life in general. XD Maybe it was checking my naviance college list and seeing that instead of the 'Reach' I expected next to UW there was a 'Likely'. IVE BEEN UPGRADED TO LIKELY!!! I've spent so much time worrying over the fact that it's an insane reach and I'm crazy for trying it. Now, I feel soooo much better. (Just got to work on those essays now.)

Btw, that's the picture I'm going to show people when they ask me why I want to go to the University of Washington. XP

Oh My God

It is 3:52.

In the morning.

I've been working since 4.


I have to get up at 6.

Two Hours and Eight minutes of sleep.

Thank you, Theology and English.
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